Past Productions

“The Critic and the Drama Queen” by Theatre Corrobora

“HAND-PICKED” by Theatre Unchecked
Gillian Jacobson (Directed by Sulia Altenberg and Marisa Tejeda,
Twin Cities Horror Festival 2017)

“The Murmur of Murder” by Brady Mueller and Justin Feit
Detective Dawkins (Swing and a Miss Productions, MN Fringe 2017)

“A View From The Bridge”, by Arthur Miller –
Catherine (Directed by Allen Hamilton, TRP 2017)

Interview with Director Allen Hamilton

  • ” Gallivan, looking precisely the part of a midcentury American girl ready to make her way in the world, helps the show keep its steady keel even in charged moments like one where she kneels at her uncle’s feet and accepts an apple slice from his hand. “- City Pages
  • “Director Allen Hamilton has cast this play well, and gets strong performances out of everyone, but I’m particularly enamored of the central family unit. Aidan Jhane Gallivan is sweet and lovely as Catherine, making it easy to see why Eddie loves her so, but you also feel her pain and confusion when that love turns darker.”Cherry and Spoon 
  •  “A tolerant view of our humanity requires that one see the plank in one’s own eye before noting the speck of dust in another’s. Hamilton’s cast finds the human element in each role.”Southside Pride 
  • A View from the Bridge’s most attention-catching issue is incest, a bond between uncle and niece that threatens to burst the dam of family love and spill into taboo territory. I’d call the affection one-sided, since Catherine bats Eddie away when he makes a blatant move, but Gallivan’s Catherine still caresses her uncle even after their falling out.”- Minnesota Playlist

It Always Rained in Paris” by Hailey Colwell –
Director/Producer (Theatre Corrobora, MN Fringe 2016)

  • “Must see: Falling in love. Self-discovery. How it changes you. The fear of forgetting … The young artists’ group Theatre Corrobora brings a delightful performance, from the talented cast to storytelling that is beautifully poetic at times.” – Pioneer Press
  • “If Fringe shows were movies, It Always Rained in Paris would be the Oscar bait: a mature adult drama amidst outrageous comedies and flashy gimmicks. This elegant, contemplative production comes from Theatre Corrobora, the young company who’ve come light years from 2013’s promising but awkward Critic and the Concubine to this assured multigenerational exploration of love, identity, and regret.” – City Pages
  • “I don’t know how a 20-something writes so well about the feelings of nostalgia and regret that come with a few more years of life experience.” — Cherry and Spoon

“MN Drinking Game: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” –
Missy/Ect. (Shadow Horse Theater, 2016)

“Tamburlaine” by Joey Hamburger – 
Sleeping Maid/Ect
. (Sheep Theater, 2016)

“Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury-
Mildred (Directed by Linda Paulsen, TRP 2016)

“Girlhood” by Hailey Colwell (ages 11 &21) –
Aidan/Producer (Theatre Corrobora, MN Fringe 2015)

“There Will Be Dinner” by Hailey Colwell –
Janie/Director/Producer (Theatre Corrobora, 2014)

“Fig” by Theatre Corrobora –
Fig/Producer (Theatre Corrobora, MN Fringe 2014)

“The Critic and The Concubine” by Hailey Colwell –
Genevieve Viero/Producer (Theatre Corrobora, 2013)

“Spring Awakening” –
Anna (blank slate theatre, 2012)